Producer Education

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In 2011, MCAFF began to hold producer workshops with the intention of:

  • Creating more diversity and volume of products offered at the Berkeley Springs Farmers Market  
  • Establishing a Farm to School supply line for locally grown fruits and vegetables to the Morgan County Schools meal programs.
  • Assisting new producers to begin the process of preparing their land and beginning to grow crops that are in demand locally by consumers, restaurants, and the schools.

To accomplish that, over the past 5 years, MCAFF has:

  • Held several local workshops, bringing in experts from WVU Extension Service to teach producers which crops are the most desirable and economically feasible to grow in our area and how to manage farm financial planning.
  • Provided scholarships to both experienced and beginning producers to attend regional farming conferences, such as Future Harvest in Maryland ( and PASA ( and the WVU Small Farm Conference held in Charleston, WV in March each year.
  • Established a Consignment Booth at the Berkeley Springs Farmers Market to promote and sell new farmers’ and producers’ products for them while they are focusing on growing them.

Future plans include:

  • Working with the surrounding areas in WV, MD and PA to establish efficient delivery systems for produce and other food items produced on our farms.
  • Storage facilities for produce.
  • Educating children and the public about where their food comes from and how to get it locally grown.
  • Working with local training facilities to train workers in farming culture and practices.